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199,9 TL ve Üzeri Kargo Bedava!

    About Us

    Love my body has been created in 2009 as a response to adL customer’s demand of having plus size range. The brand made its first apperance in adL stores as shop in shop concept. Than again in 2009, the first stand-alone store of Love my Body was introduced to customers. 

    Love my Body’s aim is to serve inspirational clothes , which are expertly designed for the sizes between 36-52.

    The collection names of our brand are as follows. 

    •    With a fun elegance,
    •    Not afraid to make a difference,
    •    Loves to exceed the limits in style,This collection symbolizes elegant women.

    •    Young and dynamic spirit,
    •    Without compromising comfort,
    •    Never give up being stylish,
    •    A woman who creates her own style.This collection symbolizes the Confident, Self-loving, Fun woman.

    •  Providing elegance from day to night,
    •  For those who cannot give up the glow,
    •  The choice og those who say that elegance does not have a body.This collection symbolizes sparkle and powerful women.